JPOP Series


Single Stage, End Suction Back Pull Out Type Centrifugal Process Pumps Pulp & Paper Mill Industries Plant

Powered by high propelling CT pumps, this centrifugal process pump is ideal for processing raw materials for pulp and paper mill industries. With its simple design and low-cost maintenance, it is one of the optimum machines in the industry.


Volute Casing

One piece self venting volute casing with end suction and top centerline delivery branch. The pump feet are integrally cast into the volute casing and the feet at bottom transfer residual pipe stress by the shortest possible route to the base plate and foundation.

Shaft Sealing

Either supplied with packaging or mechanical seals in a stiffing box with connection for sealing and flushing liquids. A simple shift from packing to a mechanical seal is made possible with the aid of standardized conversion parts without re0-machining. A mechanical seal of various types, unbalanced as well as balanced ones can be easily fitted in the standard stuffing box.


It has a semi open impeller which is specifically designed for low NPSH requirements. Hydraulically balanced by back vanes, or in the case of large impeller diameters by balancing holes & wear rings of both sides. Reliable fixing of impellers on the shaft by impeller nut.

Bearing Frame

You just need three of these to cover an entire range. All pumps belonging to a bearing frame have identical shaft, bearings, shaft sleeves and impeller fastenings. In addition to standard sight glass, every bearing frame can be equipped with a constant level oiler. For pumping temperature more than 180°C’s or 160°C in case of steam jacketed pumps, you can fit a lubricating oil cooling circuit in the oil pumps of bearing frames.

Shaft & Bearings

The shafts in this machine are guided in oil lubricated angular contact and cylindrical roller bearings. Their alignment is ensured by appropriate centering and modern manufacturing methods. The shaft is fully protected from the liquid which is pumped by the means of fully enclosed PTFE Gasket between the impeller nut shaft and the shaft sleeve. The properly dimensioned shaft exhibits minimum deflection at a stuffing box, resulting in long operational life for mechanical seals.



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Separator pump ETP, STP, Fertilizers, Cement, Steel industries Waste water treatment plant


Operating Data

CapacityUp to 2000 m³/hr
HeadUp to 55 Mtr.
Discharge Size25 mm to 300 mm.
TemperatureUp to 250°C
SpeedUp to 1500 rpm
PressureUp to 5.5 kg/cm2
Impellers Open & Semi Open type
Consistency Up to 7%
M.O.C.C.I,C.S.,SS-304/304L, SS316/316, Bronze, Alloy-20, CD4MCU Hast alloy B&C, etc.