JHSP Series


The JHSP Series of JEE Pumps consists of some of the most efficient low-speed heavy-duty sewage and effluent submersible pumps. These pumps are designed with a vertical single casing, and squirrel cage induction motors drive them. The JHSP Series features some of the most advanced pumps that can meticulously perform heavy-duty sewage cleaning for various industries. These pumps are also available with a cooling jacket arrangement for a dry pit and an installation with a different type of quick-out installation. This way, the JHSP series can be used in various industrial applications.


Sewage Treatment Plants

The primary purpose of JHSP Series Low-Speed Sewage Submersible Pumps is to handle sewage of various proportions. Hence its first application is in sewage plants, where it is used to move around the slurry water for different treatment processes.

Waste Water Treatment Plants

Our JHSP Series Low-Speed Sewage Submersible Pumps are also used in many wastewater treatment plants as they can be installed within the water source. This makes it easy to move around water with dissolved and undissolved impurities.

Transfer Of Suspended Solids

It is interesting to know that JHSP Series Low-Speed Sewage Submersible Pumps can also be used for moving around suspended solids. It generates a powerful lift and drives floating solid particles toward desired locations which are helpful in many industries.

Construction Sector

The construction sector is known for generating a good amount of wastewater; most of the time, it has floating solids. JEE Pumps’ JHSP Series Low-Speed Sewage Submersible Pumps are very handy in handling such types of liquids and sewage.


Operating Data

CapacityUp to 500 m³/hr
HeadUp to 45 Mtr.
HP2 to 50
RPMUp to 1500
Delivery Size65 mm to 200 mm
Solid Size 100 mm
ConnectionDOL, Star Delta, ATS
Voltage / Phase415V, 3 Phase
Insulation/ProtectionF' Class / IP 68
MotorFour / Six pole continues duty dry type squirrel cage Induction Motor
CablePVC Insulated Double heated Copper Condutor Flexible Cable
Mechanical SealBi-Directional Twin Mechanical with Various face combination looking to the application.
M.O.C.C.I., C.S.
Optional Parts: Impeller, Casing, Wear Plate with Various M.O.S. Bronze, CF8, CF8M, CD4MCU