JVSP Series


Sump pumps are always in demand, be it in water treatment plants or construction sector or even the chemical industry. To cater to these requirements, JEE Pumps has pioneered the JVSP Series Long Shaft Sump Pump, which can provide high efficient results. The pump design is modular and can be customized as per need. The discharge connection can be arranged vertically facing, and shaft sealing is provided through an oil seal. There is also an option of gas tightening by a mechanical seal or stuffing box packing. Pump construction is available in various materials, making the JVSP series highly versatile for the chemical and process industries.


Column Pipes And Pumps Shaft

Consisting of multiple parts, the column pipes are located below the base plate and connect the pump shaft. The objective of column pipes is to protect the pump shaft. It also supports the intermediate bush bearings of the pump shaft. The sump depth can be customized based on the customer’s requirement.

Base Plate

The base plate used for this pump is a standard version rectangular plate. Customers can also opt for a round flange-shaped plate if needed. The lifting lugs make pump maintenance very easy. The base place can be adapted according to the size of the sum pit and other factors.


The pump comes with a standard fitting of flexible couplings. Customers can opt for membrane coupling or non-sparking coupling based on their specific needs. Coupling guards are also provided to prevent objects from interfering with the rotating parts.

Pump Casing / Impeller

The pump impeller has been designed for low NPSH values. The pump with two impeller options: a closed impeller or a semi-open impeller with a wear plate. A unique anti-rotation device has been provided at the impeller inlets. Suction strainers are also fitted to ensure that impellers are protected from clogging. Due to its optimized hydraulic performance, this pump is suitable for many liquids.

Material Of Construction

C.I., C.S., SS-304 / 304 L, SS-316 / 316L, Bronze, Alloy-20, CD4MCU, etc



Chemical Plants

Our JVSP Series Long Shaft Sump Pumps are specially designed to handle heavy-duty slurries and hence can meet all the pumping requirements of the chemical industry, be it the movement of raw materials, acidic or hazardous byproducts, or working with wastewater.

Cooling Water Applications

Given the ability of our JVSP Series Long Shaft Sump Pumps, they are widely used in cooling water applications as they can handle water along with other slightly impure fluids that are generally used for cooling.

Waste Water Treatment Plants

JEE Pumps JVSP Series Long Shaft Sump Pumps are widely used in water treatment plants as they are good at handling contaminated liquids. They are used for moving wastewater, filtration applications, disinfecting water, and saltwater desalination.

Process Industries

All types of process industries tend to generate waste products in various mediums. Our JVSP Series Long Shaft Sump Pumps are very useful in efficiently handling such waste mediums.

Construction Sector

The JVSP Series Long Shaft Sump Pumps are suitable for handling slurry and wastewater. Hence, they find themselves extra valuable for the construction sector, which produces a lot of sewage.

Petrochemical & Oil Industries

Like process and construction industries, petrochemicals and oil industries also generate a lot of water-based waste. JEE Pumps’ JVSP Series Long Shaft Sump Pumps are very handy in dealing with this wastewater.

Operating Data

CapacityUp to 325 m³/hr
HeadUp to 60 Mtr.
Discharge Size25 mm to 125 mm.
TemperatureUp to 60°C
Pump LenghtUp to 4 Mtr.
PressureUp to 6 kg/cm2
SpeedUp to 3500 rpm
M.O.C.C.I,C.S.,SS-304/304L, SS316/316, Bronze, Alloy-20, CD4MCU Hast alloy B&C, etc.