JWM Series


JEE Pumps has introduced the unique JWM Series Metering Dosing Pumps, which are constructed without a diaphragm gland making their operation leakproof. This pump can easily handle a variety of liquids, and its simple arrangement of pumps makes it highly versatile. As an additional pump accessory, heating and cooling jackets are also available for the pumps. The metering dosing pump provides a highly accurate result of +/- 1% of pump ratings. It also features an inbuilt pressure relief and vacuum valve to protect the pump. These features make the pump versatile to use in various process industries.


Chemical Industries

The JWM Series Metering Dosing Pumps have features that are very useful for chemical industries. Its highly accurate dosing results ensure several chemical sector processes’ reliability.

Food & Beverages

Our JWM Series Metering Dosing Pumps are very suitable for many processes that need the accurate mixing of various raw materials. Given their ease of installation and precise operations, these pumps are widely used in the food and beverages industries.

Textiles & Paper Industries

The textile and paper manufacturing process demands high-accuracy pumps. This is where our JWM Series Metering Dosing Pumps can help provide the requisite dosing of various raw materials and ensure the quality of the final products.

Power Plants

Another common application of our JWM Series Metering Dosing Pumps is in power plants. These pumps are used mainly in boilers to inject the right amount of liquid fuel to control and manage the overall boiler temperature and thereby power plant operations.


Operating Data

CapacityUp to 8 m³/hr
Pressure200 Kg/cm2
Discharge SizeCustomised
M.O.C.SS304, SS316