JWJ Series


The plunger pumps are positive displacement pumps with a high-pressure stationary seal across which a cylindrical plunger slides, generating the requisite pressure. Because of their unique design, they can cause higher pressure than piston pumps. The JWJ Series, High-Pressure Triplex Plunger Pump, works on the same force and can deliver high-pressure results. The type of material used for construction can vary based on the pump’s application. The triplex arrangement uses a series of three plungers and can generate very high pressure. This is why these pumps are suitable for high-pressure discharge applications or for handling highly viscous fluids.


High-Pressure Applications

The JWJ Series High-Pressure Triplex Plunger Pump is designed to create high discharge pressure. Hence it is widely used for spray dryers, jet cleaning, pressure cleaning, mobile oil field and drilling mud pumps, sewage cleaning and other high-pressure applications.

Processing Industries

The JWJ Series High-Pressure Triplex Plunger Pump is very suitable for many processes that need high-pressure discharge pumps with compact size. Given their ease of installation and reliable operations, these pumps are widely used in processing industries.

Pulp & Paper Industries

The paper manufacturing process demands high-pressure pumps. This is where our JWJ Series High-Pressure Triplex Plunger Pump can help provide the requisite high-pressure discharge making it widely used in this sector.

Construction Sector

Apart from high-pressure cleaning, the JWJ Series High-Pressure Triplex Plunger Pumps are also used extensively in road equipment and construction equipment due to their ability to generate high discharge pressure.


Operating Data

CapacityUp to 300 m³/hr
PressureUp to 1500 Kg/cm2
Discharge SizeCustomised
M.O.C.C.I., SS304, SS316