JVI Series


The vertical inline multistage pumps are fundamentally centrifugal pumps with multiple interconnected impellers, which help generate high levels of pressure and help send the fluids to a greater height. JEE Pumps has introduced the JVI Series Vertical Inline Multistage Pumps, widely used in installations that need a high head. As per requirement, several impeller stages are connected in series formation, and the inlet and outlet are kept at the same level. These pumps are beneficial for transferring liquids with low viscosity, non-inflammable and clear fluids in applications like water supply, water treatment and other industrial uses of high pressure.


Waste Water Systems

Our JVI Series Vertical Inline Multistage Pumps are extensively used in water circulating applications like irrigation, desalination, water treatment and various pressure boosting systems.

Handling Thin Liquids

The JHAF Series Centrifugal Horizontal Axial Flow Pumps are suitable for handling thin, non-explosive, clear and non-corrosive liquids. Hence they are deployed by many industries to cater to several applications.

Irrigation Works

The JVI Series Vertical Inline Multistage Pumps can transfer water at a high head and with a lot of pressure. Hence, they are suitable for pushing water and raising the levels in the irrigation canals and water tanks.

Commercial Buildings

One of the most common uses of our JHAF Series Centrifugal Horizontal Axial Flow Pumps is in commercial buildings to send water to the overhead tanks or other similar applications, which require an enormous amount of head.


Operating Data

CapacityUp to 1280 m³/hr
Power Range0.37-45 kW
HeadUp to 320 Mtr
Discharge Size32mm To 100mm
Temperature-15°C to 120°C
SpeedUp to 2900 Rpm
PressureUp to 32 bar
SealingMechanical Seal
Flange typeRound Flange, PJE Coupling, Oval Flange
M.O.C.Cast Iron, SS304, SS316