JPS Series


Understanding the industrial requirements of high-pressure booster systems, JEE Pumps has pioneered the JPS Series Pressure Booster Systems, which are highly beneficial for industries that need to deploy pressure booster systems. Coming with a simple and compact design, these systems are easy to install and operate. They are very reliable in generating constant pressure. An additional feature is the pressure control system equipped with a digital display, making it all the easier to handle these systems. They are widely used for industrial as well as commercial and private applications.


Pressure Boosting System

The most common use of our JPS Series Pressure Booster Systems is to enhance the overall pressure in the system. Its reliable and cost-effective operation has led to its usage in several industrial processes.

Domestic Water Supply System

Our JPS Series Pressure Booster Systems are extensively used in various water systems like domestic water supply, cooling systems, government water distribution networks, water treatment and different pressure boosting systems.

Private Properties

The JPS Series Pressure Booster Systems are suitable even for private applications like ensuring proper water supply in villas, commercial and residential buildings, swimming pools and other such utilities.

Public Utilities

Several public utility applications need a stable and efficient pressure boosting system. Our JPS Series Pressure Booster Systems works well in schools, universities, municipal properties and other applications.


Operating Data

CapacityUp to 16 m³/hr
HeadUp to 60 Mtr.
TemperatureUp to 40°C
SpeedUp to 2900 rpm
PressureUp to 10 bar
M.O.C.C.I, SS304, SS316