JTP Series


This hydraulic test pump plunges liquids from tanks into the tested containers. JEE Pumps has launched a special series for such test pumps – JTP Series. The series has two variants – hand-operated and motorized. In this hand-operated version, the lever on the top of the machine is embedded to generate higher pressure by applying manual force. The lightweight and manoeuvrability of the pump make it easy to be handled by one person. In addition, the pump comes along with a series of accessories which enhance its functionality.

Pump Construction

The pump has a robust build as the body is made up of Mild Steel. Cast iron handle and a fulcrum with standard fitting M.S. fabricated pail are provided. The pump comes with accessories like M.S. or S.S. check valve and pressure gauge along with the main body. A brass pressure release cock is also provided, along with a pressure hose with various attachments that make the pump more functional.



Pressure Testing

Pipes, cylinders, pressure tubes, and other components used in high-pressure applications must regularly be tested for leakages and endurance. For this, our JTP Series Hydraulic Test Pumps are used.

Boilers & Pressure Vessels

Our JTP Series Hydraulic Test Pumps are extensively used in pressure vessels like boilers, furnaces and more as they can deliver the right amount of flow for the liquid to test these pressure vessels is essential.

CI Mains & Casting

Our JTP Series Hydraulic Test Pumps are also used in CI mains and casting, where it is needed to push fluids through very high-pressure liquids to get accurate casting.